Position ER Unit Secretary
Department Emergency Room
Location Monroe County Hospital - Georgia

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:  Mid Shift- With Flexibility

This is a full time position in a health care facility open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rotating shifts as well as holidays and weekends are required. Working during inclement weather will be required. Shifts may vary, but working hours may be up to approximately 12 hours.

Essential Functions:

1. Ensures medical records, laboratory reports, radiological images, and other patient records are properly completed and secured, but readily available to physicians and other health care providers.

2. Administer efficient communication network and manage flow of traffic.

3. Communicates with patients/family and reports patient care needs to appropriate health care provider.

4. Coordinates with various departments to ensure supplies and/or equipment for patient care is available. (Electronic order entry of supplies)

5. Makes calls to other facilities to help nursing facilitate transfers.

6. Makes calls to EMS companies to help facilitate transport needs.

7. Maintain patient care summary reports for all patients and maintain records of all patients and create packet for transfer patients.

8. Reports unusual occurrences to appropriate health care provided, as necessary.

9. Informs health care provider of need for immediate implementation of physician’s orders, as necessary.

10. Assists nursing in cleaning and restocking patient care rooms.

11. Coordinates scheduling of requested procedures.

12. Coordinates patient admissions, discharges, and/or transfers.

13. Prepares census and condition reports, as well as checks for any status change on the Med/Surg floor.

14. Helps to coordinate and communicate maintenance and housekeeping requests for nursing unit and/or patient rooms.

15. Ensure that all department logs are checked by appropriate personnel.

16. Assist in calling staff to filling staffing vacancies, as needed.

17. Ensure all equipment is cleaned and placed in appropriate location.

18. Communicates with patients about wait times and pending items.

19. Email maintenance with any facility issues.

20. Ensure walkie talkies are charged and being used by the department

21. Check supplies for outdates.

22. Assist as a safety sitter as needed. (Must complete required training module)

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

1. High School diploma or GED preferred, but not required

2. Health care industry experience preferred.

3. Current, valid AHA Healthcare Provider training (BCLS) preferred, but not required 

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Position ER Unit Secretary
Department Emergency Room
Location Monroe County Hospital - Georgia