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Hospital Authority of Monroe County Meeting Time Change


The next monthly meeting of the Hospital Authority of Monroe County will occur on Thursday, March 24, 2022, in the hospital board room.  Call to order will occur at approximately 5:30 pm.

Tentative meeting agenda is attached.  General business sessions are open to the public.  Executive Sessions are closed to the public.

To request participation in the Agenda or additional information, please notify Administration of Monroe County Hospital @ 478-394-6210



1)  Call to Order @ ~ 7:30 am –  Chairman Mac Brown

2)  Review and Approval of Board Minutes - Mac Brown       

3)  Board Committee Reports

  • Chairman’s Report – Mac Brown
  • JOC Report – Luis Fonseca
  • Med Staff Executive Committee – Dr. Craig Caldwell

4)  CEO’s Report – Lorraine Smith

5) New Business

6) Public Comment

7) Request for Executive Session, Lorraine Smith, CEO (closed to public)

8) Resume general business session and such other business that may come

    before the meeting

9)  Adjourn