Medical Records Department

About the Department
The Medical Records Department serves to support the clinical departments and administration of Monroe County Hospital by maintaining a timely, complete, and well-documented medical record on each patient we serve. We create and maintain a complete patient record which houses all visits to our Hospital in one color-coded folder which allows the caregivers access to our patients' complete medical history, including our older records which are maintained in CD format for easy retrievability and clear reproductions.

The Medical Records Department has a staff of three full-time and one part-time employee We have in-house medical and radiology transcription to provide our doctors and nurses with an accurate and timely medical record document. We also have in-house medical coders who code and key our records according to the American Hospital Association Coding Guidelines. This facilitates the patient's claim being processed quickly and accurately as well as provides accurate information to the Georgia Hospital Discharge Data Set as required by the State of Georgia. We also are proud to serve the public through our Release-of-Information services providing medical record copies which is also performed by our staff.

Our Department is directed by Tiffany Purmont.

The Medical Records Department is proud to serve our Hospital in this capacity to maintain quality healthcare information as well as protecting the privacy of our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Health History

Q: Who do I contact for a copy of my Birth Certificate?
A: Copies of Birth Certificates are obtained from the County Offices where the birth occurred. If you were born in Monroe County, contact the Monroe County Probate Office where all Vital Records are maintained at (478)994-7036.

Q: How do I obtain copies of my medical record?
A: Patients can request a copy and/or request to review their medical records. You may call the Medical Records Department at (478) 994-2521, ext. 229, and request your records. Our office hours are M-F, 8 am to 4 pm. We are required by law to verify your ID, so please bring this with you to the Hospital when your records are ready to be picked up. The Notice of Privacy Practices explains your rights in detail and is posted on this web site.

Q: How can I find out what my blood type is?
A: To determine your blood type, the physician has to order a specific test. This is not routinely performed unless your physician thinks you may need a blood transfusion. Since it is considered a screening, insurance companies will not pay for this test unless it is medically necessary. We will be happy to review your record to see if we have this in your file.

Q: How long are medical records kept?
A: Georgia requires medical records to be kept for six years for an adult. For a minor, they must be kept six years after the patient reaches the age of 18. Rather than destroying our records, they are stored on microfilm, microfische, and more recently, CD storage. The paper records are then destroyed, but copies are easily reproducible.