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The Creek Indians had been living on the land that now comprises Monroe County, Georgia, from long before the colonial expansion in 1540 until 1821 and the Treaty of Indian Springs. On January 8, 1821, the Treaty of Indian Springs was signed by the head chiefs, including General McIntosh, of the Creek Nation, ceding the land between the Ocmulgee and the Flint Rivers to the U.S. Government.
Five counties were created from the ceded lands, Dooly, Fayette, Henry, Houston, and Monroe. The original Monroe County included all of what would become Pike County and Upson County and parts of Bibb, Butts, and Spalding Counties. Monroe County was named for James Monroe, author of the Monroe Doctrine and fifth president of the United States. The county seat of Monroe County is Forsyth. Other communities in this county are: Bolingbroke, Culloden, Dames Ferry, High Falls, Indian Springs, and Smarr.

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