Foundation Committee

The Foundation Committee consists of volunteers from area communities who are motivated by a desire to further the healthcare services of Monroe County and the surrounding area.

Patton P. Smith, M.D.
Chair, MCH Foundation

"The Monroe County Hospital Foundation is a charitable and supportive arm of the hospital providing funds to refurbish, innovate and strengthen the mission of the hospital; to provide quality healthcare to the citizens of Monroe County and to all those who come here sick or injured. A tax-deductible gift to the Foundation by businesses and private citizens goes a long way in helping the hospital fulfill its mission to serve the healthcare needs of our community."

Mr. Howell Newton
Development Fund

"The Monroe County Hospital is critically important to all who reside in this county. It is the first line of healthcare for all of our citizens and businesses. The Monroe County Hospital Foundation is one of the vehicles that support the hospital and the many important services it provides. This Foundation will continue to perpetuate the local healthcare system in this community for many years to come by providing resources that fund the needs of the hospital. I encourage all citizens and businesses to financially support this Foundation in any way possible. By doing so, we can all help the hospital fulfill the mission of providing quality care for all citizens."