The surgery department here at Monroe County Hospital has one procedure room set up for endoscopy procedures and one surgery suite. It is staffed with one surgical RN, one surgical scrub tech and one Post Anesthesia Care Unit RN. The anesthesia is provided by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthisist (CRNA).

A few of the procedures performed in our Surgical Services Department include (but are not limited too):

Endoscopy Procedures
EGD (upper GI)
Feeding Tube Insertion

General Surgery
Gall Bladder Removal
Hernia Repair
Removal of Breast Lumps, Skin Lesions/Cysts
Diagnostic Laparoscopy
Lymph Node Biopsy
Incision and Drainage of Infection

Bunion Surgery
Correcton of Hammer, Mallet and Claw Toes
Removal of Plantar Corns
Treatment of Neuromas
Plantar Fasciitis Surgery
Removal of Cysts and Ganglions
Removal of Bone Spurs
Correction of Achilles Tendon Problems

We have two General Surgeons from Macon Medical that provide surgical and endoscopy services. The clinic address is 120 N. Lee St. Forsyth.
Dr. R. Parel: office # 478-633-1458
Dr. B. Christie: office # 478-633-1458

We also have two Podiatrists on staff.
Dr. M. Henson DPM and Dr. J. Roberts: office # 770-228-6644
Dr. Henson and Dr. Roberts come to Forsyth from Griffin. Clinic days are Monday mornings and Friday mornings here on campus. Call their office number for an appointment.

The surgical experience at Monroe County Hospital includes a pre-operative appointment. During the pre-operative appointment, you will be given information regarding the day before surgery, the day of surgery, and what to expect after surgery. Our goal is to inform you on every step of the process and answer any question you may have so you can have a satisfying experience during your surgical stay. Please click on the above links for more information.

Click here for Surgery Department Brochure

Click here for Speak Up Anesthesia and Sedation