General Information

To render service to the Monroe County Hospital and to participate, if feasible, in civic activities as they relate to the health care of the community.

Membership in the Monroe County Hospital Auxiliary is open to all persons eighteen years or older, who are interested in the Monroe County Hospital. Prospective members must submit an application to be approved by the applicant's physician and the Hospital Administrator/CEO. Completed applications may be submitted in person at the The Peppermint Tree Gift Shop or the Administration Office.

Membership shall consist of active members only. We currenlty have 24 active members in the Auxiliary. Active members will participate in all activities of the Auxiliary, except in cases of temporary illness. Active Auxiliary members are required to complete a minimum of 18 hours work during each 3-month period. All members are urged to work at least 9 hours per month in the Hospital Gift Shop or X-Ray Department. Scheduled meetings will count as 2 hours and additional hours will be attained through work on committees and Auxiliary projects outside the hospital.

The annual membership dues of the Auxiliary will be $10.00. Dues will be payable at the October meeting to the Treasurer. The club year will run from October to September. Members who have not paid dues will be notified by the Treasurer before the September meeting. Members failing to pay dues by the September meeting shall forfeit the right to vote in elections and hold office.

A monthly meeting will be held on the third Tuesday in the meeting room located in the Hospital Cafeteria, September through June. The President shall be empowered to postpone or cancel a meeting or to call a special meeting in an emergency.

The officers will be: President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter. Officers will be elected for a two-year term. They may be re-elected for a second term only. A nominating committee of three members will be appointed by the President at the April meeting. The prospective slate of officers will be presented at the June meeting. The nominees should be active members with at least 50 hours of auxiliary-related projects, i.e. meetings, gift shop, x-ray, blood drives, etc. Elections will be held at the June meeting and officers will be installed at the regular September meeting. Officers will assume duties at the October meeting.

Executive Committee
The policies and the administrative functions of the Auxiliary will be vested in the Executive Committee, which will consist of the officers of the Auxiliary. It will transact the business of the Auxiliary and present a report through the Secretary at each regular meeting, if necessary. The Executive Committee will pass upon all expenditures relative to the various functions of the Auxiliary. Except in the case of the President who must always be elected by the Auxiliary, vacancies during the year in any office will be filled, until the regular elections, by the appointment of the Executive Committee.

Duties of the Officers and Gift Shop Manager
The President will preside at all meetings of the Auxiliary and the Executive Committee. She will be ex-officio member of each committee except the Nominating Committee. She will be empowered to initiate new business and new committees, when approved by either the Executive Committee or the Auxiliary.

The Vice President/President elect will perform the duties of the President in her absence and such other duties as are delegated to her by the President.

The Secretary will keep all records and reports and will perform other duties that usually pertain to such office. She will send copies of the by-laws to all new members and carry on such correspondence as the President will direct.

The Treasurer will be responsible for receipts and expenditures of all funds in accordance with action of the Auxiliary. She will notify all members of annual dues prior to the October meeting. Except for minor expenditures, no funds will be disbursed without authority of the governing body of the Auxiliary. All checks drawn against funds of the Auxiliary will be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President.

The reporter will be responsible for all publicity related to the meetings and all other activities of the Auxiliary.

The Gift Shop Manager will serve as chairman for the gift shop and will select two members from the Auxiliary at large to serve on the committee. The Manager is responsible for seeing that the following jobs are accomplished:

Purchase items for sale & necessary supplies
Receive, price, stock, & display merchandise
Record sales properly
Record financial records & tax reports accurately

All checks drawn against gift shop funds will be signed by the President.

Term of Office
The term of office for all elected officers will be two years. Any office is eligible for re-election, but may not hold the same office for more than four consecutive years. In case of continued absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President/President elect will have all the powers and perform all the duties of the President until the regular election of officers.

The standing committees shall be: the Executive Committee; the Nominating Committee; the Orientation Committee; the Telephone Committee; and any other committees as are appointed by the President after the October meeting, to serve for the ensuing year. The chairperson for each standing committee will keep a detailed report.

The Executive Committee will consist of the elected officers, the parliamentarian, and the Gift Shop Manager. Meetings of the Executive Committee will be called by the President who will be the chairperson of that committee. Five members of the Auxiliary may request a meeting of the Executive Committee.

The Nominating Committee will consist of a chairperson and two other members appointed by the President. The committee will present a slate of nominees to the Auxiliary at the June meeting at which time elections will be held. Nominations may be made from the floor at this time. Nominees must give their consent before their names are on the slate.

The Orientation Committee will consist of two active members who will conduct regular orientation sessions whenever membership calls for it. Orientation will include all phases of hospital work, including the Gift Shop.

The Memorial Committee will consist of the President, the Treasurer, and the Gift Shop Manager. The committee will arrange to make a memorial gift of $25.00 for members who die, or members' spouses, parents, or children who die.

Orientation, Placement, and Uniform
Full orientation and a uniform decided on by the Auxiliary will be required before members of the Auxiliary may work in the hospital.

Standing Rules
Each member must be in correct uniform at all times when on duty.

Each member will keep an account of hours spent on actual Auxiliary work, report them each month, and record them promptly to insure the required number of hours. The purpose of the hour system is to promote an Auxiliary in which every member has a part. The minimum hours are required to have a progressive and active Auxiliary.

The Hospital Auxiliary is a volunteer service organization. Membership implies a desire to fill a need in the community. It is the duty and responsibility of each member to work in areas which give satisfaction to her and fulfills the purpose of the Auxiliary.

In the event of the death of a Hospital Auxiliary member, or a member's spouse, parent, or child, a memorial will be given. This memorial, not to exceed $25.00, will be arranged by the Memorial Committee, which will consist of the President, Treasurer, and the Gift Shop Manager.